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The Hybrid Card from Card Elite does not only guarantee you access to all the unique features of prepaid card programs. It also serves as a wallet and a secured credit card for all types of transactions.

Combining the unique features of prepaid card programs with an Open Loop Secured Credit Card, and IBAN Wallet helps ensure that our International Hybrid Credit Card has solutions for everybody.

What is a Hybrid Card

Hybrid cards are a type of secured credit card backed by the cardholder's cash deposit. It allows the cardholder to either load additional funds to the card from anywhere or simply add funds to improve available credit. It is best seen as a hybrid of a prepaid debit card and a secured credit card


Some of the unique features of a Hybrid credit card includes

Premium rewards with integrated bookings and travel discounts

100% approval

Online purchases

ATM/Cash Access

Companion cards

Accept everywhere around the world

Prepaid solutions incorporated into a secured credit card

Instant money transfer to other cards

Concierge service

On/off functionality

International hybrid cards are backed by the cardholder's cash deposit. The deposit serves as the collateral upon which the account is run, It allows the cardholder to add funds when they want to increase available credit. It is also a hybrid of prepaid and secured cards.

Our wallet designed to secure and protect your funds from fraud. Customers typically use this wallet as a prefunding account when they want to use the international secured credit card. It offers the same benefits that you'll expect from the card. The wallet also works for transferring and receiving money from friends and family around the world.

The international hybrid card allows cardholders and corporate clients to deposit funds the same way they'll do with prepaid debit cards while creating a credit line for instant access. In this case, the deposited amount becomes the credit limit and can be charged on the card. Establishing your credit limit means that you can increase your security deposit at any time to increase the available spending amount.

Different people enjoy different benefits from the international hybrid card. For some people, it is the privacy policy that stands the card out. For others, it's the flexibility that comes with using a secured card, knowing that they can increase spending amounts when they want.